Lost Horizons Of Wisdom


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Anders Kvistr
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Anders Kvistr From the first time I've listened to it, this album seemed different to me. Different than two previous albums and different than the next one, Wintermoon Enchantment. Like a journey to a land shrouded with mystery, far away. GrimSpirit's approach to his unique blend of metal and ambient seems much more ambitious here, experimental even. A true masterpiece. Favorite track: Grim Spirit, The Forest Wanderer.
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Diavster As a teenager, I was a huge fan of bands like Gehenna, Dimmu Borgir and Arcturus, and this is what Evilfeast's music reminds me of. Outstanding stuff. Highly recommended!
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ancientcall To me evilfeast is black Metal how it should be, and i really love all his stuff eventhough the music is very versatile and quite different for each Release

Lost Horizons of Wisdom is somewhere between the mayestic and Epic Tone of the synth based Wintermoon enchantment and the dark and brutal funeral sorcery ! I really love it, each Song is Epic in proportions and builds Up so Well...

To me Albums Like this mean so much more to black Metal than all the "kvlt" stuff you normally get Favorite track: My Tower Among The Timeless Mountains.
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Jarak Evilfeast are by-far-and-a-way my favourite synth-heavy atmospheric black metal project. Where others basically end up leaving the realms of metal altogether and turning into Dungeon Synth or simple 'plink-plonk' music, Evilfeast consistently treads the fine line and comes out with a great result.


EVILFEAST – “Lost Horizons of Wisdom” CD (NYKTA 024)
EVILFEAST is an one soul project from the deserted woods of Poland, started it's wandering at 1996. Having previously released 2 albums and a split CD with Marblebog, NYKTA presents the third Evilfeast album! Still in the misanthropic and desolate path, Evilfeast offers depressive Black Metal with some epic background synths that create a unique and bombastic atmosphere that holds a triumphal wrath inside. 5 tracks in 70 minute's journey of agony, despair and hate.


released May 24, 2008


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